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Round 1

Pictures from round 1:

No major upsets in the first round. White took 3½ out of 5 points and all rating favorites won their games except for the game between CM Krzysztof Belzo and IM Fred Berend. It was the longest game in the tournament and an even game all the way so draw was probably a fair result.

GM Igor Efimov MNC vs CM Peter J. Kirby GCI


CM Krzysztof Belzo JCI vs IM Fred Berend LUX


Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands: Aksel V. Johannesen (center) Organiser: Finnbjørn Vang President of the Faroese Chess Federation  (left), Chief Arbiter IA Hans Hjalti Skaale (right)


FM Olaf Berg FAI vs GM Helgi Dam Ziska FAI


FM Paris Klerides CYP vs FM Stelios Theocharous CYP


IA Hans Hjalti Skaale