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Round 2

Photos from round 2

Fortune still favors white and the higher rated. Peter Kirby kept a balanced position for quite some time but in the end Ziska got the full point. The most interesting game was probably FM Berg vs CM Belzo. An exciting and fresh game where the advantage according to the computer went both ways. Some inaccuracy from Belzo gave Berg winning chances and few moves later Belzo resigned. IM Berend and IM Aloma Vidal was also an interesting game with small advantage for white throughout. In a complicated rook endgame Berend managed to convert the full point. GM Efimov punished FM Stelios immediately after a blunder and got a good win with the black pieces. Clash of the Titans Frick and FM Klerides ended in a draw. Long time friends since 23 years but this was the first time they met in a rated game!

GM Ziska vs CM Kirby

FM Theocharous vs GM Efimov

Frick vs FM Klerides

IM Berend vs IM Aloma Vidal

FM Berg vs CM Belzo

FM Stelios Theocharous

IM Robert Aloma Vidal

IM Fred Berend